Wedding and Related Services (FAQ’s)


(In the picture above I’m performing a wedding ceremony for the Lockarts)

Attention: Due to popular demand, I included this FAQ’s Wedding and Related Services webpage for your convenience.

1). Do you offer a Free Initial Consultation for wedding inquiries?

Answer:  Yes.

2). Do you perform nontraditional wedding ceremonies?

Answer: Yes, legally in the State of Missouri. In fact, I specialize in them and most of my wedding ceremonies that I’ve done have been nonreligious. I’ve also performed many indoor and outdoor weddings at various locations.

3). Can you customize our wedding ceremony and give us ideas?

Answer: Yes.

4). How much do you charge?

Answer: Fee varies depending on the couple and/or situation. However, my cheapest wedding service is $60.00.

5). Do you travel?

Answer: Yes. I’ve performed many wedding ceremonies in St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln and Pike counties. Upon request, I may be available in other locations throughout Missouri.

6). Do you provide a wedding rehearsal?

Answer: Yes, if applicable.

7). How long have you been doing wedding ceremonies?

Answer: Since 2012.

8). What types of people have you married?

Answer: Backgrounds and situations vary, but I’ve married several couples who were nonreligious, divorced, financially strapped, etc.

9). Do you offer other services?

Answer: Yes. See Offered Services webpage for more information.

10). Why do couples use your wedding services?

Answer: In addition to having competence and credibility, I customize weddings for couples and work with their financial budget. I’m also likable, nonjudgmental and I don’t force religious conversion or church membership on people. And on top of that, I book a lot of weddings with couples who were present at one of my ceremonies.

Please, Contact me Dr. John Simms, Ph.D. Today For Your Free Initial Consultation. Thank You In Advance.