John Simms Being Compared to Famous People By His Clients and Peers

Another Tony Robbins – Rick R.

You remind me of Mister Miyagi from the Karate Kid – Justin B.

I love your Dr. Phil attitude – Melissa P.

Spitting image of Malcolm Gladwell – Derek G.

Personal Testimonials, Opinions and Statements About John Simms

John is the smartest and most interesting person that I’ve ever known – Brian S.

An intellectual with a deep understanding for personal development and social psychology – Carl H.

I appreciate you helping me when no one else would. I can’t thank you enough – CJ

We’re loving your tweets. Thanks for sharing wise words – Aquarius Wellness STL

John is a diamond in the rough – Don R.

Awesome minister – Steve and Jo Ann H.

With you my life is better – Julie A.

My Brother, I love the information you spread – Random Rants

Thank you, John. Your words are insightful, and actually cut straight to the heart of my dilemma, which is about balancing spiritual and physical. I now see the way forward, knowing that a tiny compromise of my spiritual calling is acceptable – Stewart B.

Jack of all trades and master of many – Paul T.

Speaking Engagement and Party Remarks

Life changing – Chris E.

Impressive – Randy H.

Loved the experience –  Kim B.

Blew me away – Nikki S.

I’m glad we did the house party. Everyone had a great time. We’ll have to do this again – Heather G.

Hi John, Thank you for speaking to our guests on a short notice and working with us financially. Caren L.

I like how you get everyone involved – Paul H.

Awesome – Amy M.

Very informative and entertaining – Joe R.