Frequently Asked Questions

1). Are you affiliated with the Doctor John’s adult stores?

Answer: No.

2). Do you offer a Free initial consultation?

Answer: Yes for serious inquiries only.

3). Do you provide confidentiality?

Answer: Yes. In fact, there would be more testimonials and success stories if it wasn’t for promised confidentiality.

4). How much do you charge for your offered services?

Answer: It varies depending on the service and/or situation. However, I do try very hard to accommodate everyone financially. See Payment Options webpage for more information.

5). Do you accept insurance?

Answer: No, due to some but not limited to the following reasons down below:

A). I don’t allow bureaucrats to control me or my clients.

B). My clients want confidentiality.

C). My clients want more options, access to services and quality care not to mention positive outcomes and results.

D). Some of my services may not be covered by insurance companies.

E). My fee for services may actually be cheaper than insurance coverage.

6). Do you offer other programs and services that may not be posted on your website?

Answer: Yes.

7). Do you reject and terminate clients?

Answer: Yes, for conflict of interest and not being serious mostly.

8). Do you offer speaking engagements? 

Answer: Yes. Please go to the Speaking Engagement webpage for more information.

9). Besides speaking engagements, can I/We book you for other occasions?

Answer: Yes, just contact me for more information.

10). How do you render your offered services?

Answer: In many ways such as one on one personal time with clients, telephone consultations, speaking engagements, etc. I also refer clients to trusted partners and other resources.

11). Do you partner with other people, businesses and organizations?

Answer: Yes, depending on the circumstances.

12). Do you have facebook or twitter?

Answer: My twitter account is at http://www.twitter.com/RealJohnSimms