About John Simms

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Personal questions I’ve received from inquiries, pre clients and clients

1). Why do you consider yourself a renaissance man?

Answer: I’m very knowledgeable and proficient in many different things.

2). Your education?

Answer: My education is diverse and immense. I possess 5 degrees in counseling, business, fitness, medical massage science and divinity. My Ph.D. is in counseling and have an honorary divinity doctorate. Besides ongoing training, I have several different certifications and acquired skills in multiple fields of study. However, I credit most of my knowledge and education from self study, free thought, observations and experiences.

3). What are your specialties?

Answer: Personal empowerment and development, life strategy, integrative holistic medicine, advanced and applied psychology, common sense spirituality, nontraditional wedding ceremonies, etc. 

4). Did you ever get mentored by someone?

Answer: I’ve had several mentors throughout my life that included successful business people and two well known individuals in advanced psychology and philosophy.

5). Why do people use your services?

Answer: For several reasons to put it bluntly. It also helps that I’m very resourceful, competent, likeable, trusting and accommodating to say the least.

6). In your opinion, why do you have a very high success rate with your clients?

Answer: I’m an open minded, pragmatic, realist who has the necessary knowledge, skills, capabilities, resources and determination that helps people obtain positive outcomes and results. I’m also a firm believer in mentoring others, utilizing uncommon approaches and individualization unlike most counselors, therapists, coaches and experts.

7). How do you advertise yourself?

Answer: My business mainly comes from connections, referrals, repeat clientele and direct marketing.

8). For a minister, you’re pretty cool. What are some of your thoughts, beliefs and practices?

Answer: I’m eclectic with my spirituality, utilize the middle path and meditate regularly. I’m also a realist who uses logic, reason and common sense. And knowing what I know, I’m very critical of Christianity and dislike religion.

9). You were a Freemason?

Answer: Yes and a Shriner a long time ago. And during my involvement, I was a board of director, vice president and chairman of the audit committee for the Temple Association.

10). How did you get the Dr. John nickname?

Answer: Besides the obvious my name is John and have a doctorate degree, several years ago, I helped one of my friends improve their sex life. As a result, my friend and other people started calling me Dr. John and it stuck even since. However, I do not own or have any affiliations with the Doctor John’s adult stores in the St. Louis area.

11). Words that describe you?

Answer: I’ve been labeled many things such as a go to person, jack of all trades, intelligent, interesting, successful, authentic, charismatic, influential, competent, professional, trustworthy and so on. And by vocation and avocation, I’m a human potential expert, multi-skilled integrative holistic practitioner, counselor, mentor, philosopher, sociologist, clergyman, life strategist, businessman, health educator, fitness therapist, author, speaker, problem solver, etc

12). Your current lifestyle, hobbies and interests?

Answer: I live a simple and frugal life. As for hobbies and interests, I like music, playing the drums, reading books, spending time with family and friends, always trying to improve myself, help others, etc. 

13). What were you like as a kid growing up?

Answer: At a very young age, I knew I was an outsider and different from my peers. Even though, I could easily befriend most people, I didn’t conform to a particular crowd and only had one close friend in my youth. I also disliked popularity and wasn’t a follower.

14). Hidden talents you’ve discovered?

Answer: Intuition, influence, public speaking, creativity, problem solving, etc.